As a licensed massage therapist (#38545), I am available for incall or outcall sessions. Continuing to work as a physical therapist, I am deeply rooted in the knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I am now using Amethyst Infrared Biomat on all requested sessions as well as a distributor for the mat. In addition to the modalities below I am using Kinesiotape for pain and muscle facilitation and am now certified in use of Microcurrent Point Stimulation to open up meridians through acupuncture points for pain reduction and holistic healing. You can request any single modality from the list described below or combine modalities to individualize your treatment session. I look forward to assisting you whether your needs are pure relaxation, pain reduction, or sport optimization.

Please call to schedule your appointment 813 846-8819.

Types of Massage

Swedish Massage

This relaxing type of massage involves long flowing strokes designed to increase circulation and blood flow to the heart. Swedish massage can shorten the recovery time from muscular strain or lactic acid build up.

Deep Tissue MassageNeuromuscular/Deep Tissue

This technique focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue while breaking up adhesions with the intention of softening hypertonic muscles which often cause muscle imbalance and pain. Within this classification, (MET) muscle energy techniques and strain/counterstrain techniques are used to enhance muscle restoration.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds muscle and is interwoven between all organs. This technique assists in releasing tight fascia and helps restore postural distortions that can cause chronic pain.

Thai Massage

This massage involves deep compressions and stretching along meridian lines of the body. You will want to wear comfortable clothing as no lotion is used. Traditional thai is completed on a thai mat on the floor where you are placed in different therapeutic positions allowing for a release of tight muscles.


This Chinese therapeutic method uses a plastic cup where a vacuum is created. Cups can be used stationary or with a gliding technique to loosen tight fascia. Depending on the amount of internal inflammation and stagnation, this technique often creates a temporary bruise to the skin that is not painful.


This form of energetic massage uses light touch or no touch with visualization techniques from the therapist with the goal of improving the flow of life energy. Reiki helps to ease tension and stress and may help to support the body to facilitate healing on all levels including physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Meditative Massage

While receiving a relaxing massage you will be guided into a state of mindful relaxation connecting to your true self through breathwork and individualized affirmations.


In this 2 hour session, you will receive one hour of private yoga individualized to your needs with the use of props and adjustments to deepen your practice followed by one hour of your choice of massage. Cost $180.00

Couples Private Thai Massage Instruction

This is a 2 hour session where you and your partner are instructed in the basic techniques of Thai Massage. You will be guided in giving a Thai sequence and then you will receive by your partner. This is a way to receive healing touch, fostering unconditional love and compassion as well as connecting on a deeper level. No experience is necessary. Cost $300

Mini Day Retreat of Pure Bliss

Have you ever been treated like a King or Queen. Learn to tap into a vibrational field of self love and vitality. This 8 hour session includes an 30 min phone call to assist you in determining what you want to focus on, 8 hours of hands on healing, a plan to keep the momentum of any new found inspirations, and two 15 min follow up face times. Cost $1100

-Learn to let go of body shame
-Learn to expand your container of pleasure
-Receive unconditional love and nurturing
-Reiki, Massage, Conscious Breathwork, Essential oil
-Learn to Meditate & Not to Give a F*cK what Others Think
-We will cook a healthy meal and snack together
-Introduction to NVC, Non Violent Communication
-Practice Taoist Longevity Principles
-And of course Yoga, a practice that suits your needs