Defining Power Yoga

Yoga is ultimately the journey into truth. Power yoga is not about hardness, gripping, or extravagance, but having the power to surrender to yourself and the space around you. I think of it as the strength within to try again and again when failing, and the intelligence within to listen with compassion in a non reactive manner even when emotions may be stirring up anger, fear or jealousy. Power is about having a choice and being aware of how we treat our environment, the tone of voice we use, how we are feeding our souls, and the words we choose. As I write this, I recall one of my favorite action heroes was He-Man. As he reached to the heavens with his arms high above his head, he shouted, ” I have the Power”. Next time you are feeling small, contracted, or disembodied, surrender to yourself at the moment, pray for strength, and use this mantra….. ” I have the Power”.

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