Why NUDE Yoga

One of the first comments men make when asking if they will come take my Men’s Nude Yoga class is “I could never do that”. In my mind and often out loud I say, “Well, why not?” The whole point is to drop the ego and connect with a deeper sense of who we really are. The Ego separates us from each other,…. from our own spirit, and from Source. The Ego is always judging, blaming, shaming, and ridiculing. In my childhood, I often times wanted to be smarter, more handsome, sexier, and more talented than my peers. That is definitely one side of the ego. The other part is placing the Self as less than others. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, healing begins and then we can connect with our true selves. This class is designed for self transformation. When we strip down to bare skin this represents shedding the labels that often confine ourselves from expanding and blossoming. Salary, job, assumed personality deficiencies, judgement of body type, and gender labels limit us from experiencing gifts that are constantly showing up. We have a choice to breathe in the now, accept, appreciate and to acknowledge ourselves and others. Typically men equate nudity with sex. There is no denial that we are sexual beings, however there is no toleration for sexual misconduct. In this class, the experience is one of celebrating the male body and daring to go beyond the physical. The class gives a safe opportunity for Awareness in noticing mental chatter, observing the ego, feeling your emotions including fear, letting go of attachments, and riding a thrilling wave of energy that originates from your core being. So, if your are one of those men that would answer….. ” I could never do that!” I would have to say that your Ego is speaking over Spirit.

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