Personal Training

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, I individualize your sessions to meet your personal goals. Private sessions are 1 hour long and can include soft tissue work, and PNF stretching to facilitate a balanced body.  Whether you are an athlete or just starting to connect to your body, I have the knowledge to assist you in obtaining your personal goals. My background is rooted in Anatomy and Physiology as I am a Physical Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Instruct Yoga. My method involves progressing you in a safe manner that is fun but challenging. Sessions can include but not limited to H.I.I.T, instruction of self soft tissue release, functional strengthening, Balance training, TRX, and Kettle Bells. Sessions are at Kodawari Yoga 3965 Henderson Blvd , Tampa.



Functional Circuits For Active Seniors
Small Group Fit Class
Sixty is the new Fifty!
For many individuals, inactivity due to aging leads to a loss of physical conditioning which in turn can lead to loss of independence. It is well documented that aerobic training and strength training improve cardiovascular conditioning, body fat, muscle mass, strength, functional independence and reduce risks of Diabetes, chronic diseases, falls and fractures. This essential class delivers the value and experience that you deserve. Learn to strengthen your muscles to aide in joint stability for increase function. Flexibility, Balance, and Coordination are also the fundamental components that will be integrated to keep you living and moving to your fullest potential. Sessions are at Kodawari Yoga

Class limited to 4 people
Meets 2x per week (Tues , Thur) 10:30 am – 11:30 am
6 weeks
Prepaid in full 30.00/session = 360.00